Self Closing Flood Barrier

De SCFB® (Self Closing Flood Barrier) is the most efficient flood protection system. Since 1998 this passive flood barrier protects buildings, infrastructure and communities from the dangers of flash floods and rising tides. The success of this urban flood dike can be attributed to the simple yet ingenious concept of using the approaching waters to fight the floods. The force of the floodwater automatically raises the barrier and protects the hinterland. The SCFB is the alternative for an extremely reliable, efficient and aesthetic solution for dike apertures or fixed high dikes that obstruct the view.

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– Critical infrastructure (e.g. power plants)
– Chemical installations, drinking water facilities)
– Apertures (primary and secondary dikes)
– Buildings (homes, businesses)
– Underground infrastructure (e.g. metro systems)
– Residential areas, villages or cities
– Coastlines, tunnels, car parkings)

– No human intervention nor electricity needed
– Minimal maintenance
– Tailor made in all/continuous lengths
– No operational costs
– Multidimensional implementation
– Invisible when not in use

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