Aggéres protects homes and cities against flood caused by the rapidly changing climate and develops customized solutions for flood mitigation, perfectly adapted to the situation.

The synergy between flood and environmental protection

Our products owe their success to years of research and innovation. We strive for an optimal protection of homes and cities against floods, as a result of the rapidly changing climate. In order to continuously improve new technologies, Aggeres has its own 120,000-litre test basin. That is where we develop and test our products, such as flood barriers for garage doors, windows and larger apertures.

In addition, we give demonstrations to private individuals, companies and public administrations. In addition, we focus on raising social awareness for contemporary alternatives to the traditional sand bag, which frequently offers insufficient protection against water nuisance.

The imbalance between drought and precipitation has negative consequences for the environment, the economy and our society. On the other hand, our need for clean water of good quality, in the right quantity, has increased. Aggéres offers water retention solutions that allow you to use the stored water in periods of drought, or for infiltration into the soil.

“Keep water where it belongs!”

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