Flexible storage tank

The Flextank pillow tank is a flexible high quality storage tank which can be used for storage of almost all liquids.
Our engineering department matches the basic design of our tank with the chemical requirements from the liquid you want to store.
Each combination of filling-, emptying- and/or other connections can be implemented in the design.
The Flextank can be used as a temporary or permanent storage solution, where the tank is laid on the floor without specific measures or supports

-Design, production and assembly certification KIWA K73883 and ISO9001.
-Maximum shape stable film.
-Breaking strenght of the foil according customer’s requirements.
-Suitable for storage drinking water by gamma radiation 100% sterile.
-Suitable for yard and drainage water (read info).
-Guarantee (5 year) on film material and processing.
-Can be placed in any desired location;

-All kinds of liquids
-Basic volumes : 1 to 1000 m³
-Standard height 1,1 meter
-Other sizes on demand
-No installation required : unfolding and ready for use
-Storage drinking water (gamma radiation 100% sterile)

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