Fireproof immersion container for electric vehicles

The EVex mobile immersion container is designed to give an effective and rapid response to an electric vehicle battery fire. It provides a safe and controlled environment to fight the fire and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding area. This unfolding cassette can be quickly rolled up to the vehicle. Once unfolded it can be placed around the vehicle with fire hazard. Thanks to EVex, fires in electric vehicles can be dealt preventively, quickly and safely. An operation takes less than 1 minute.

-Optimal fire protection electric vehicles (prevent fire and explosion)
-Protection of your infrastructure
-Long-term cooling of lithium-ion batteries




-Underground parking garages
-Electric vehicles : cars, forklifts, reach truck,…
-Company sites


-Degradation chemical reaction and prevention new ignition
-Rapidly deployable
-Compact, mobile and foldable
-Only a small surface required
-Environmentally friendly (f.ex. less water consumption)


-L 550 cm x B 230 cm x H 60 cm
-Steel fire retardant coating
-Seals: high-performance synthetic rubber
-Weight +- 350kg
-Folded = W 60 cm (1/3 parking space)

-Sprinkler installation
-Custom wheels for rougher terrain
-Custom dimensions
-Available in yellow or red color (other colors on request)
-Available as intervention model
-Fire blanket

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