Underground water storage system©

This underground water storage system can be built at low cost. The smart construction method means that less concrete and reinforcement are needed. Length, width and height can be adapted to fit any situation.
The underground storage system can serve as a sedimentation tank. Some other examples of use are :
– Storage system for rainwater
– Storage system for water to be reused
– Storage system for surface water
– Storage system for wastewater
– Underground sprinkler system
– Fire water supply

The water storage system is available for residential and office buildings, business parks and infrastructural projects.
The underground infiltration facility offers a versatile solution for meeting the statutory rainwater storage requirements. The rainwater is temporarily stored in the underground water storage system, before infiltrating the soil, or being discharged into the sewerage system or the surface water.

The underground water storage system can be installed under driveways, car parks, squares and roads, but also under green areas or sports fields. The system can be inspected, cleaned and reused.

– Man-accessible for inspection and cleaning
– Traffic class 450 kN without ground cover
– Straightforward installation
– Pre-assembled
– Optional 600mm manhole
– Flexible options for connection
– Durable
– Flexible dimensions
– Upto 2.000liter/m²


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