Rainwater harvesting system

RAINBLOCK® is the state of the art solution for a water-sustainable garden or environment. This sustainable system collects and temporarily retains excess rainwater, to use it in periods of drought, or to irrigate the soil. It is an attractive way to harvest rainwater, and accessible to all. The panels are placed next to each other in a vertical position so that they cannot bend, and they can close off very wide openings.

A RAINBLOCK® element can contain up to 165 litres. It weighs 16 kilo and measures 90x90x25 cm (WxHxD). Its ‘building blocks’ are robust, easy to handle and come in different colours. By stacking and interlocking multiple elements, a bit like LEGO(r) blocks, a harvesting system of any desired capacity can be built. Ideal for use as a partition, a fence, a retaining wall or as part of your car port or garden shed. Its modular structure and user-friendly design are perfect for smaller areas and it fits any garden design.

RAINBLOCK® has a been awarded the Dutch Greenlabel certification.

Homes and businesses

– Quick installation
– Simple and efficient
– Very sturdy material
– Durable
– Budget friendly
– Eco- friendly

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