Self Closing Flood Door

The Self Closing Flood Door range has in common the principle of harnessing the power of weather to activate the flood defence barrier to provide an innovative and cost effective solution, serving and protecting strategic urban and commercial areas.

The Self Closing Flood Door has been developed to protect doors, double doors and small gates against floods.

The SCFD is a lighter version of the industrial SCFB (Self-Closing Flood Barrier) and is the best alternative when looking for a rialble, efficient and cost-effective solution when a permanent flood barrier is not possible or desired.

– Residential and commercial buildings
– Underground infrastructure (e.g. metro systems)
– Residential areas, villages or cities
– Coastlines
– Tunnels, car parks.

– Protection against flooding
– Can be driven over
– Minimal maintenance
– Autonomous operation
– No human intervention
– No energy source or sensors required

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