EV Muro©

Fireproof immersion bath for electric cars

While charging an electric car, heat is generated. Optimal protection of your rechargeable battery and electric car against explosion or fire risk (Electric Vehicle Safety Assistance) is therefore crucial. Especially when using an indoor charging station in an underground garage. In case of fire, the battery of an electric car will also burn longer than a car with internal combustion engine and temperatures can reach 1.000 degrees.

The EV Muro facilitates the cooling of your electric car in an immersion bath. Cooling often takes up to  24 hours. So there is no risk of the fire flaring up again. The EV Muro is easy to set up (it only takes a few minutes) and is therefore the most efficient and safest solution to prevent a battery fire. The EV Muro can be established both outdoor and indoor (f.ex. underground garage) and is reusable.

Available height : in increments of 150mm.
Stoplog : 6.5kg/m.


– Optimal fire protection of your electric car (fire and explosion prevention).
– Infrastructure security.
– Long-term cooling of the lithium-ion battery and electric car.


-Breaks down chemical reaction and prevent new ignition.
-Quick & easy to install (in a few minutes) by only 1 person.
-Compact storage.
-Limited surface area required.
-Eco-friendly (including less water consumption).

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