CASE STUDY : Berchem Railway Station



PERIOD : 2015


The exit of the Q-Park car park near the Berchem railway station is quite low-lying. In case of heavy rainfall, all the water floods into the car park through this exit. As a result, the parked cars stand deeply in the water, and the water flow makes it extremely difficult to drive them outside.

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Q-Park contacted the engineering firm Arcadis. They recommended the Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) by Aggéres. The barrier disappears into the exit, and does not block the exit when it is not raised. This installation proves that the SCFB can also be installed underneath traffic infrastructure. Fortunately, the works were finished one day ahead of schedule as the barrier was already put to the test one day later, during a big flooding on 13 August 2015.

VIDEO: Watch how the SCFB protected the underground parking in Berchem against floodwater.

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