Strategic alliance Aggéres - Aizawa

After a successful mission with the ‘EU Gateway to Japan’ in March, and a preliminary return visit by Mr Seiji Nakamura in June, we were honoured by the visit of the Japanese Aizawa Concrete Corporation. Together with its CEO, Mr Yoshihiro Aizawa, we presented our company and finalised the details for a strategic alliance for the Asian market. The Aizawa Concrete Corporation, with offices in Tokyo, Sapporo, Singapore, Yangon, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Vladivostok and Ulaanbaatar, is our preferred partner for the introduction of the Aggeres flood defence products and services into Japan and Asia. The added value is in both directions, as Aizawa’s expertise in prefabricated concrete will help us improve the efficiency of large scale projects. “The recent floods in Japan and ongoing problems in the South East Asian region clearly show the need for urgent innovative solutions. The experience of Aggeres as a supplier to the Dutch and Belgian Government in this domain will accelerate the implementation of these systems.”, Mr Anthony Femont, Director, Aggeres
The first projects in Japan are already being studied, and will be realised in 2020. We look forward to the return trip to Japan and the future collaboration. “AIZAWA is very pleased to have started a strategic partnership with Aggeres in Japan. We are confident that the joint venture with Aggeres in Japan will lead to further business expansion in Asia. We believe that Aggeres’ technology and products protect people’s lives and assets against Asian climate change, which is becoming more serious as a result of global warming.”, Mr Yoshihiro Aizawa, CEO, Aizawa Concrete Corporation.
About Aizawa Concrete Corporation: Established in 1963, Aizawa Concrete Corporation is a quality manufacturer in the field of cements, ready-mixed concretes, pre-stressed concretes, concrete piles, and other housing materials. Aizawa Concrete has a turnover of 150 million euro and employs 620 people.

Source: Aggéres
Date: 03/12/2019

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