CASE STUDY : Feyaerts garage



PERIOD : 2017

Automatich (pneumatically) flood barrier

In June 2016, a sudden flood destroyed some 30 cars at the Feyaerts garage in Aarschot. Tom Feyaerts and his staff, together with the fire brigade, did everything they could to keep the water out, but to no avail. In less than half an hour, heavy rain caused the water to rise to a height of one metre. The water poured into the underground car park and eventually rose to 40 centimetres below the ceiling. Cars floated on the water and there were muddy, flooded cars everywhere on the car park ramp. About fifteen cars were completely destroyed. Around 5 million litres of water were pumped out after the heavy rain.

Aggéres installed a flip-up flood barrier of seven metres wide and one metre high at the garage’s underground workshop. The barrier was placed at the top of the ramp and is connected to the compressed air system of the tyre centre. The barrier is closed every evening by pressing a button in the car dealer’s office. If the barrier is not closed, the garage’s alarm system cannot be activated. This ensures that the barrier is always closed after business hours and that the site is optimally protected. The pneumatic barrier can also be activated by a water sensor.

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