Self-Closing Flood Barrier from Aggéres installed in underwater-film-studio

In October AGGERES completed the installation of the 8m long and 2m high flood barrier in Europe’s largest underwater film-studio in Vilvoorde, near Brussels. Eight 2.6m high elements were assembled on site and lifted into the underground holding bassin. The complete barrier weighs 1 Ton. The installation was done in 2 days.

When the studio is flooded the barrier will be activated by the pressure of the flood water, closing off the 8m wide entrance to the studio. It is the first time we need to install an SCFB (Self-Closing Flood Barrier) to keep water inside a building instead of outside.

Later this year a test will be done in order to prepare the studio for the first recording scheduled for January 2019.

Source: Aggéres
Date: 29/10/2018
Photos: Aggéres

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