Aggéres receives official certificate by Dutch army engineering corps

On 26th September 2013, the engineering corps of the Dutch army organized a symposium with the theme : ‘The engineering corps serves its country’.

Source: Aggéres
Date: 26/09/2013
Photo: Aggéres

At this occasion, Aggéres demonstrated the Velox, a mobile flood barrier that deploys in a few minutes and replaces some 100 sandbags. The engineering corps was on the lookout for new concepts, products or services that would be of interest to national security or the Ministry of Defence.
Public security partners, knowledge institutes and companies were given the opportunity to showcase their products. Aggéres proudly presented the Velox: a mobile flood barrier that deploys automatically, using the force of the rising water. With the help of the engineering corps, a flood situation was simulated. Two Velox barriers successfully kept the rising water at bay.
Under the motto “Tested, approved and sold!”, Aggéres (formerly BFDS, Benelux Flood Defence Systems) received the award “Gouden Pioniersschop 2013” together with 5 other hydraulic engineering companies.
All received an official certificate. The young dynamic company is working on a whole range of new products, offering a high growth margin and lots of potential. You have not heard the last of them!


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