Public level protection

The Progate® flood gate by Aggéres brings the newest standard in flood defence solutions.  It’s unique engineered mechanism is designed to protect both underground structures such as parking parks, subway systems, etc  as well as above ground critical infrastructures and public buildings .  The gate operates using an ingenious stacking mechanism which combines a flood defence and an entrance gate into one versatile and compact product.

High strength composite flood panels are specially engineered to withstand very high water levels.





Unique stacking mechanism
An innovative stacking mechanism allows the gate to be stored in the most compact storage volume on the market.  The storage module which comprises the lifting mechanism and the flood panels can be mounted both on the inside and on the outside of a building.  Specially designed carbon and Kevlar reinforced panels can withstand water pressures up to 4m high in a single gate opening of 4m. Due to its design the gate can span large apertures such as aircraft hangars.
  • Automatic deployment in flood situation
  • Backup power source ensures permanent operation
  • Compact storage module
  • Vertical position of panel allows large span


  • Open infrastructure
  • Underground infrastructure
  • Underground public transport
  • Underground parking complex