• Public level protection

    Flood Protection
    Our products make a difference

    Aggéres takes action against floods caused by our changing climate

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    At critical times, we must act quick and efficient.

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  • Property level protection

    Protect your assets

    Be prepared for the next flood

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    Flood protection
    Aggeres develops customized solutions for flood mitigation, perfectly adapted to the situation. The success of our products is due to our focus on research and innovation.

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      We can no longer bear to see how our clients’ possessions are being destroyed every time that heavy rains occurs. Therefore, we are committed to provide effective and customized solutions that meet their budget.

      Case studies

      Aggeres develops customized solutions for flood mitigation.

      • Port, Spakenburg, The Netherlands

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      • Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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      • Berchem railway station, Antwerp

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      Peace of mind in a changing climate

      Aggéres on one hand aims to sensitize the European market and prepare it for the dangers that floods bring along. On the other hand we want to increase social awareness for the contemporary alternatives that are out there to the traditional sand bag, which usually provides insufficient protection against flooding.